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The Wellcome Trust/Department of Health's Health Innovation Challenge Fund (HICF) is a scheme developed to aid and fund projects, enabling them to accelerate their progression towards their clinical application.

The GTC has been awarded £2.7m from HICF to allow for a Phase l/lla nose trial in CF patients using our Wave 2 product, delivering the CFTR gene using a novel lentivirus.


The aim is to recruit patients into the Phase l/lla nose trial which will last around 9 months. The study will assess safety, and any changes in molecular endpoints, to provide evidence for the efficacy of the lentivirus.  The start point of the trial will depend on the time required for manufacture of the Wave 2 product for clinical delivery; we will further update on timelines once these manufacturing data are available.

The focus is now on the research and development of Wave 2.

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