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Who funds our research?

The Gene Therapy Consortium receives funds from a number of bodies.  We are grateful to all our funders whether large or small.  Our work would not be possible without your assistance.  As well as the amazing generosity received from Private Donations, our current funders include:​

about the wonderful people of FUNdraisers who are helping to bring awareness of cystic fibrosis and raising funds for the medical research needed to treat and help those with the condition.

about the charity.

about the partnership

with Boehringer Ingelheim

about the latest funding support awarded by the Wellcome Trust/Department of Health's Health Innovation Challenge Fund (HICF).

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What does the funding go towards?

The core cost of running the GTC cannot be covered by individual project grants; however we are fortunate to be the recipients of donations that enable us to cover these much needed items.

Below are some of the items that these donations go towards, as well as items that we are currently fund raising for.

Salary for staff members
The GTC could not run without its dedicated laboratory managers and administrators.  These key people ensure our laboratories maintain health and safety standards, are financed appropriately and stocked with essential items.

Laboratory running costs
These costs include basic items such as stationary and laboratory plasticware (tubes and bottles), as well as maintaining vital pieces of equipment such as a dedicated autoclave for virus production work.

Conference attendance for key researchers
Conferences provide us with a platform to both disseminate our own research, whilst learning about advances in the field that we can apply ourselves.  Conferences also provide a good opportunity for networking and instigating new collaborations that will benefit our work.

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